Top 15 Foods to Have in Your Kitchen at all Times

1. Garlic  — cook with everything.

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil — drizzle over everything.

3. Salt — add to everything in moderation (try pink Himalayan, which includes healthy minerals).

4. Eggs — a great, convenient meal any time of day.

5. Oatmeal — the perfect healthy breakfast. Spice it up with banana, cinnamon, and cloves.

6. Balsamic — drizzle over savories (roasted veggies, salads) and fruit.

7. Goat’s Cheese — makes everything tastes better, even sweet dishes (try with banana).

8. Milk — necessary for oatmeal, coffee, and protein smoothies.

9. Protein Powder — easy way to consume protein if cooking meat is too time-consuming.

10. Wine — to heighten the taste of every meal.

11. Bananas — you can’t eat enough in a day.

12. Frozen Blueberries — packed with antioxidants. Also, a great healthy dessert substitute. Sprinkle them with cinnamon and splash with almond milk.

13. Cinnamon — a super food that adds kick to so many dishes: oatmeal, protein smoothies, curries, fresh fruit, and more.

14. Almonds — perfect for snacking. They keep hunger away and are rich in healthy fats.

15. Brown Rice or Quinoa — a healthy carb, perfect for lunch.

16. Banana Bread — for your daily hit of to die for.

17. Chocolate — for your mental health.

18. Lemons — add a zing to many savories and your drinking water.

19. Avocado — another wonderful healthy fat that goes with more dishes than you might think.

20. Coconut Milk — so that you’re stocked for those creamy curry cravings.

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