Best Breakfast & Brunch in New York City

To a breakfast lover, the vast number of New York City restaurants serving this morning meal is thrilling. New Yorkers clearly want their breakie made for them!

My favourite New York City breakfast spots are the Melbourne-style cafes, of which there are plenty. These Australian hotspots are design-forward spaces that take as much pride in serving good espresso as they do in crafting good simple food with a healthy twist. Avocado on toast is just one of their menu staples.

If you have to pick just two breakfast or brunch spots to visit on your trip, I’d suggest El Rey or Bluestone Lane.

Bluestone Lane (West Village)

55 Greenwich Ave | $$ | Australian Cafe

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Australian-owned and run “independent chain” cafe from a nice group of guys intent on spreading the Melbourne coffee culture in NYC. The vibe is easygoing and friendly within their bright, 12-seater space and dishes like Portobello Mushrooms with poached egg on toast and Hot Coconut Quinoa Porridge are just a few of their tempting options.

Egg Shop

151 Elizabeth St | 645-666-0810 $$ | American

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A popular concept revolving around the mighty egg (in this case a cage-free and organic one). Choose from greasy, hangover-curing options, like the "BEC" sandwich with a broken yolk, Shelburne cheddar and tomato jam or healthy-ish fare including a miso quinoa bowl with farm greens, avocado and pickled carrot. You can also build your dream egg sandwiches with multiple egg, bread, cheese and topping options. This bustling dining room is pint-sized so be prepared to wait.

El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette

100 Stanton St | 212-260-3950 $ | Mexican Fusion / Coffee Shop

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Chicklet-sized coffee shop & restaurant with serious charm and highly-inventive vegetable-forward dishes. In fact, the food here is so on point (and beautiful) you may want to return several times for brunch, lunch or dinner. Favourite bites include the charred radicchio salad with house made ricotta and aleppo honey and the vegan chicharrones with cashew crema, hot sauce and chammy sauce. Their Parlor Coffee is on point, too.


210 Elizabeth St | 212-343-7011 $$$ | Global

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It’s not small, sweet and independent, but the space is striking with its high ceilings and brick walls. More importantly, the food is brilliant. Described as global fare, Michelin starred chef Brad Farmerie's aesthetically pleasing offerings include Turkish poached eggs in Greek yogurt and kirmizi biber butter, as well as a wonderfully unique Avocado on Toast with lentils, toasted pecans and pomegranate molasses.

Ruby's Cafe

219 Mulberry St | 212-925-5755 $$ | Australian Cafe

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Popular Aussie cafe in the heart of Soho where you’ll have a hard time limiting your breakfast order to just one dish. Avo (or vegemite) on toast, the creamiest chia pudding topped with coffee granola and fruit (the “bircher muesli”) and soft scramble eggs with mushrooms are just a few of your mouthwatering options. As per usual, the skillfully produced espresso drinks are good here too.

Two Hands

164 Mott St | 917-475-1815 $$ | Restaurant Cafe

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Another Australian cafe serving 'good food from good dudes'. Expect coffee roasted by Integral, a variety of “things on toast” (like chili and lemon drizzled avocado, honey and coconut topped ricotta) and lots of enticing healthy options to start your day (think chia and hemp-sprinkled acai bowls, gluten-free granola and smoothies). Rows of twinkly lights and glowing clouds dangle from the ceiling of this welcome, white brick space.