Best Coffee Shops in Tokyo

If you’re not a fan of bitter coffee, you will go crazy for the smooth espresso they pour in Japan. We found it hard to find a bad cup. Almond milk was not to be found, but the Japanese soy milk (available at most cafes) was especially creamy and made for a great latte. The most disappointing thing about Tokyo’s bean scene was the opening time of most coffee houses: 10am! That’s because the Japanese see coffee as more of a treat before or after lunch than a morning wake-up call. Because of this (and jet lag), coffee wasn’t a big focus of our trip (hence the tiny list below), but check out this post featuring “10 Incredible Cafes in Tokyo”.


On The Way

155-0031 Setagaya-ku | $ | Coffee Stand

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With standing room for just one person, On The Way was our 'local cafe' in the charming, quiet neighbourhood of Shimokitazawa. Their espresso equipment wasn't fancy and I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to get here, but we did return for their creamy soy milk lattes three times. A case of colourful cupcakes are also on offer.

Streamer Coffee Company

Multiple Locations | $$ | Coffee Shop

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With eight tiny, multiple-story locations in Tokyo, Streamer is easily one of the most popular coffee companies in the city. Why? They do it all: bean roasting, cold brew, hand drip, aero press, and espresso shots pulled off custom-tuned supercharged espresso machines. They've even developed their own nitro. These guys are basically the cool coffee nerds of Tokyo and you can bet your Streamer latte will bear beautiful latte art (even if you choose soy milk, like I did, pictured here).