Best Dessert in Tokyo

Unless you’re eating at a dessert-specific restaurant, sweets don’t seem to be a focus at Japanese restaurants. Even the Michelin-starred eatery we dined at served sliced melon in place of something prepared by a pastry chef. This may not be a bad thing, however, unless you’ve acquired a taste for red bean paste and mochi, two ingredients commonly used in Japanese desserts. Sadly, I had not, so didn’t enjoy what we tried of these popular offerings (like confections from the well-known, highly-revered Ginza Akebono Mochi Shop). Here’s a dessert that Western palates will appreciate…

Kakigori Cafe and Bar Yelo

Patio Roppongi, 1 F, 5-2-11 Roppongi | $$ | Dessert and Coffee

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Nestled in Roppongi, this dimly lit kakigori cafe serves towering portions of shave ice topped with syrup, condensed milk and your choice of garnishes (note: kakigori is the name for Japanese shave ice dessert). Known for their long line-ups, Bar Yelo's strawberry flavour contained all the flavour, minus the condensed milk. My choice of toppings here are tapioca and shiratama dango (a type of mochi made with glutinous rice flour). I'm guessing other kakigori cafes serve equally delicious desserts - don't go out of your way for this one as I wouldn't say the ambiance was anything special.