Tropical Chia Pudding with BC Goji Berries and Raspberries

If summer were a breakfast bowl, this is what I’m thinking it might look like. Are you, too, finding the warm-weather fruit offerings at grocery stores these days irresistible? I couldn’t stop myself from splurging on this passion fruit. And the goji berries! …a rare find and quite possibly worth the $5 price tag. It was a nice surprise to discover they’re from BC, too.

Here’s the rough recipe for this morning’s nutritious, energizing and filling breakfast bowl…


Chia pudding of your choice (I used the Oh She Glows’ cookbook recipe, but here’s a version from her site)
Passion fruit (found at Urban Fare Yaletown)
Fresh goji berries (found at Urban Fare Yaletown)
BC raspberries
BC strawberries
Sea salt
Lime half
BC honey (optional)
Wild flowers (for garnish, optional)



1. Prepare your chia pudding of choice.

2. Top with fruit, finish with a sprinkle of sea salt. Enjoy!


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