Tuscan Fig Jam & The Breakfast Tree

Each morning, I jump out of bed for the love of breakfast.

As much as I enjoy my usual (All-Bran, a sliced banana, frozen blueberries, cinnamon and soy milk), I sometimes reminisce about these:

That, my friends, is a perfectly ripe, candy-sweet, Italian fig that I picked from a tree in a Tuscan horse field.

I was advised to eat them regularly should I ever want to gain weight.  They are higher in sugar than most fruits.  Mama mia.

Often, I would eat breakfast standing at the tree bearing these figs.  In the middle of Tuscany, near a small town called Cecina, there are no pesticides and no real need to wash the fruit.  Other than the odd fig bearing a little horse saliva, they were clean and natural.

I made jam and ate it often with Sopressata Veneta and Fontina:

It was the best weight I ever gained.

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