20 Creative Ways to Spice up Your Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a such a fabulous breakfast staple. It’s also incredibly versatile. Mix up your routine by adding these ingredients to your morning meal.

1. Nut butters (try Bare Butter, available in Vancouver by bicycle delivery) and nuts

2. Lemon or orange zest

3. Avocado and agave syrup

4. Chia seeds (which expand in hot oatmeal creating a unique texture)

5. Cloves and cinnamon sticks (add them whole to your pot at the beginning so flavour permeates the dish)

6. Coconut milk and unsweetened coconut

7. Soft apples and cinnamon (cook apples in oatmeal)

8. Cooked banana (add slices into your bubbling pot for a few minutes before eating)

9. Hemp hearts

10. Pure honey or maple syrup

11. Banana chips, crumbled

12. Homemade granola (recipe) – for some crunch

13. Pure vanilla or almond extract

14. Boil oatmeal with milk of choice instead of water for a richer flavour

15. Frozen blueberries

16. Prunes, raisins or dried cranberries

17. Brown sugar and a splash of cream for a treat (my childhood favorite)

18. Baileys (for your Friday night oatmeal, obviously)

19. Egg nog for the holidays!

20. A sprinkling of Himalayan salt (on all of the above)

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