Urge Chocolates & Confections: The Sweet Company You Need to Know About

I’ve often said that in a perfect world, I’d eat chocolate at every meal. Get sick of it? Too rich? Not possible. Proof.

Dirke Botsford — a graphic design pro turned chocolatier (read his interesting story here) – discovered my ‘Best Chocolate in Vancouver‘ article and requested that I put his products to the test. If I deemed them ‘to die for’, I agreed to add them to the list.

Prior to sampling, I was prepared to break it to Dirke if I had to — that they just weren’t ‘to die for’. Fortunately for everyone involved, I fell in love with the chocolates the moment I sank my teeth into a Salty Caramel Marshmallow Truffle.

When I read this little menu (left), included in their eco-friendly packaging, I realized Urge and I truly do share a rare, intense passion for chocolate.

This quote just about sums up Dirke’s extreme chocolate enthusiasm, ‘The real beauty of working with chocolate is you can never fail, you can always re-melt and try again, if it goes really south, you inevitably learn something and that’s a good thing. The other beautiful things about chocolate is friends and family love to hate me for always asking them to taste something new, but funnily no one ever said “no”’.

Have a gawk at these beauty shots…

Honey Roasted Pecan Caramel in milk chocolate
Fig pate de fruit with roasted walnut dark chocolate ganache, enrobed in milk chocolate
Custom crystallized flower ganache
Szechuan Flower Ganache -- it will numb your mouth!

Enough? Never. Let’s continue…

Assorted truffles
Orange Gogi Truffle
Salted Caramel Marshmallow Truffle
Urge Chocolate Truffle-Stuffed It's To Die For Banana Bread

Dirke is currently looking to connect with shop owners interested in selling his high-quality chocolates and confections. If that’s you, feel free to contact him here. You’ll also be able to find him at this year’s West Coast Chocolate Festival.

Shop for Urge Chocolate online here, and stay tuned for their chocolatey updates –> Twitter | Facebook.

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