Where to Find Delicious Tacos in North Van: Cafe for Contemporary Art

The Rhonda-Maria Taco

Craving tacos? Head to Lower Lonsdale for a menu like you’ve never seen before.

Cafe for Contemporary Art’s lone pink wall says it all, “Expect the unexpected”.

It’s the Lower Lonsdale hot spot featuring fabulous coffee (49th Parallel), in-house baked goods (often vegan) and local art.

Never would I have imagined tacos, of all foods, to emerge from their small kitchen. The biggest surprise? My first bite. How could Mexican fusion be this good at a coffee shop?

The answer: Matt Formagin, a Red Seal chef who studied in Cabo San Lucas while surviving off a diet of tacos.

Fellow taco lover and owner of the cafe, Tyler Russell, was gung-ho to launch their appropriately themed new menu, “Everyday Tacos For Total Consciousness”, featuring six highly creative tacos.

The Rhonda-Maria – packed with an incredible variety of enticing flavors – didn’t disappoint. Dense sweet potato tamale was the ‘meat’ and toppings were plentiful: jalapeno pumpkin pesto, creamy goat feta, a sweet and spicy habanero mango salsa and cool guacamole.

You won’t want to stop until you’ve tried them all.

Cafe for Contemporary Art
140 E. Esplanade St.

This article was written for Metro Newspaper by contributing food columnist, Erin Ireland.

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