Vancouver’s Best Banana Bread is “To Die For”

Introducing the heavenly, addictive, sickeningly delicious comfort food that I’d happily gain weight for: It’s To Die For Banana Bread.

A few beauty shots for you…

My freezer is bursting with brown bananas to allow for quick production of this luscious bread, which takes five minutes to prepare and 50 minutes to bake.  The largest sum I’ve been offered for a loaf is $100, and apparently, it’s better than a grandma’s.

Dawn Chubai, the lovely host of Citytv’s Breakfast Television, had expressed interest in sampling my creation, so the other morning, I couriered the It’s To Die For Banana Bread to her.  Here’s what happened…

Not caught on camera: Riaz eating the bread, stating, ‘Dang, it was good’.

I want you all to try it because I really think you’ll love it.  When I say love it, I mean really love it.

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Ciao for now!

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