VanDusen Launches Picnics For Two in The Garden

“There are few things so pleasant as a picnic eaten in perfect comfort,” or so said Somerset Maugham, and who could argue with that? There is nothing more perfect than a picnic on a summer’s day.

Over the years picnickers have quietly kept VanDusen’s rolling lawns and babbling brooks a special secret. Picnicking in the Garden is about to become a secret no longer. Now that the warm summer weather has finally arrived, Truffles Café at VanDusen is now offering picnics for two to take into the Garden. Priced at $58 each picnic includes:

*       admission for two to VanDusen Botanical Garden
*       a sturdy picnic basket with lined picnic blanket (these must be returned after usage)
*       two regular-sized sandwiches of your choice
*       two small salads of your choice
*       two beverages (including coffee, juices or sparkling water)
*       a selection of cheese and crackers with grapes
*       cookies
*       napkins and utensils

$2.00 from every picnic sold will be donated to Karma Exchange, a registered non-profit charity that helps girls in northern Ghana access education.

Picnics are packed on a first-come basis and cannot be ordered in advance (in person only orders at Truffles). FYI – peak hours are from 11:45 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Try to come a little early or a little later to avoid the crowds.

As VanDusen Botanical Garden is a living museum of rare and endangered plants as well as a natural eco-system, picnickers are asked to follow a few simple guidelines:
*       pack out all your garbage, return it to Truffles with your picnic basket and blanket
*       do not feed the animals and birds (human food is harmful to them and we do not want them to become dependent on people)
*       do not sit on, or pick, the plants and flowers
*       be respectful of other’s right to also enjoy the Garden

Whether you choose the Monet picture-perfect Meadow Garden complete with stream, or the tranquility of the Great Lawn or the ‘hidden bench’ along fragrant Azalea Path; we know that it won’t take long for you to become addicted to this special form of urban-stress buster.

Check out VanDusen’s facebook page <>  for daily updates on the Garden or visit the Garden’s web site . For further information on Truffles visit its webé .

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