Victory Gardens Gets Urban Land Growing with New Web Series

Pilot Episode of “How to Grow an Organic Vegetable Garden” Now Online, Future Segments in the Works

To paraphrase an oft-quoted proverb, rather than give a person a basket of vegetables and feed them for a day, Vancouver’s Victory Gardens is producing a series of educational YouTube videos in an effort to teach people how to properly nurture an urban garden — and potentially feed them for a lifetime.

The pilot episode of the lighthearted-yet-informative series of gardening videos, entitled “How to Grow an Organic Vegetable Garden”, is called “Planning” and offers tips on how to effectively plan an urban garden, make the most out of available sunlight and soil and employ “Successional Planting” techniques. The first in the series of five videos was just released online this morning and may be viewed at

“When people ask us how to be successful in their gardens, our answer is unequivocally and without a doubt: ‘Planning’!” says Victory Gardens co-founder Lisa Giroday of the pilot episode. “There are many considerations when it comes to what to grow and in this first video, we highlight some of the basics on how to plan for a productive and bountiful season.”

Future episodes in the series will deal with such topics as “Soil“, “Seeds and Transplants“, “Winter Gardening” and “Growing Garlic” and will be produced and posted throughout the year based on their relevance to the season.

Victory Gardens Video“Gardening is all about getting your hands dirty, growing delicious and organic food and connecting to what we eat. This all sounds great, but what if you don’t know how? That was the genesis behind us producing and releasing these videos, so that people can get growing on the Northwest Coast,” says Sam Philips, who co-stars in the series with her fellow Victory Gardens co-founders Giroday and Sandra Lopuch.
Funding for the series was provided in part by a $25,000 grant which Victory Gardens was awarded last fall as a co-winner of the National Co-Op Challenge — a social media contest showcasing 16 emerging locally owned and controlled co-operatives that are tackling needs in their respective communities across Canada.
About Victory Gardens:
Founded in 2012 by Lisa Giroday, Sam Philips and Sandra Lopuch, Victory Gardens is a team of farmers for hire who specialize in transforming residential and commercial spaces into viable urban food gardens. It’s the mission of this Vancouver-based worker co-op to “Help You Grow Food” in places where food doesn’t already exist by building gardens in all types of locations, and teaching people how to use their gardens to produce bountiful harvests. A one-stop-shop for food-growing infrastructure, education and maintenance, Victory Gardens is out to change the way people source and eat organic, sustainable and hyper-local produce all year round.For more information about Victory Gardens, visit, or find us on Facebook. | Twitter: @VVictoryGardens | Instagram: @VVictoryGardens

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