Wanderlust Whistler: A Farm-To-Table Feast on The Peak

Our stomaches grumbled on the 30-minute gondola ride up the mountain.

Waiting for us at the peak was a farm-to-table feast with a theme: sustainability. The nine-course menu, crafted by Whistler Blackcomb Chef Wolfgang Sterr, featured ingredients grown and raised within a 160 kilometer radius of where we sat. Though the occasion special, this mindful, world-class resort sources local products 365 days of the year.

At most ski hills, burgers and fries are the standard…but not on Chef Sterr’s watch.

“I’ve always cared deeply about the environment and spent a great deal of time focusing on knowing where the food I cook with comes from, and working with locally-sourced ingredients. Care for the environment is instilled within Whistler Blackcomb’s corporate culture.”

Glasses of Okanagan wine greeted us as we reached an elevation of 7500 feet. Off to the Roundhouse’s Glacier View Room we went, where an epic view and an absolute abundance of mindfully-grown food met our eyes: greens and veggies galore from North Arm Farm, heirloom tomatoes from Barnston Farm, pork loin from the Fraser Valley. Even the flowers were from Pemberton’s Bathtub Gardens.

With so many out-of-town Wanderlust guests dining with us in the mountain restaurant, I felt proud, not only because Chef Sterr and his team could pull off a locavore dinner of this caliber, but because sustainability is what they preach and adhere to every single day. Let Whistler be an example for the resorts of our world.

Once the hot pink sunset had dwindled to black, we wrapped ourselves in blankets and rode down the quiet mountain. A sense of gratefulness hung in the cool in air…for the community of aware human-beings who organized this thought and conversation-provoking event, for the conscious diners who filled every seat in the alpine eatery, for the farmers who grew the food with their own two hands, for the animals and the honeybees who give us so much every day, and of course, for Wolfgang and his cooks for such a special meal.


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