Wanderlust Whistler: A Mini-Preview of The Highly Anticipated Farm-To-Table Dinner

In ten-days-time, hundreds of kindred spirits will be headed up to Whistler for Wanderlust, an international festival focused on eating well, living green, practicing yoga and creating awareness for mindful living.

On assignment for lululemon, I’ll be heading up for tons of yoga (including the stand-up paddleboard variety) a Bollywood flash mob and more. But the main event for me, is a farm-to-table dinner with a message: “eat local”.

Whistler Blackcomb Chef Wolfgang Sterr is planning the feast and he truly values his neighbouring farmers who’ve put their hands into the dirt. He feels the 100 mile diet is so incredibly important because food grown in healthy soil tastes better and the process is easier on the environment.

A special ingredient we’ll be introduced to is organic honey from Goldstrike Honeybee Co. We’ll learn some of the amazing things bees can teach us about our environment.

Purebread will be supplying the delicious bread for the Wanderlust meal and co-owner Paula Lamming cannot stress enough just how great their local produce is — and how wonderful it is to support the local farmers and see the community grow.

This story was written for The Peak Radio

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