“We Heart Local” Chocolate Taste-Off: Cutthroat Competition


THE CHOCOLATE TASTE-OFF FINALS: Thomas Haas v. Mink Chocolates v. Chocolate Arts v. ChocolaTas –>


This was my view when news that my chocolate judging abilities were desired for Eat Drink Be Local‘s first annual ‘We Heart Local Chocolate Taste-Off’.

I’d been planning a post-holiday health kick (to counter the daily happy hour of tortilla chips and guacamole), although it was instantly thrown out the window for this: round one of chocolate competition –>

And here’s round two: Mink Chocolates v. Chocolate Arts –>

Stay tuned for the winner of Eat Drink Be Local’s first annual Chocolate Taste-Off, to be announced on Valentine’s Day!

Taste-off competitors:

Taste-off  judges:

  • Randy Shore, Food Editor at Vancouver Sun & The Green Man blogger
  • Mark Docherty, News Anchor at Citytv’s Breakfast TV
  • Fred Lee, Vanhattan’s Man About Town, ‘UnLEEshed’ (Vancouver Courier, National Post, & CBC’s Early Edition)

For all contest details, head to Eat Drink Be Local’s website here. You can also follow the contest’s clever creators (Alix and Cindy) on Twitter: @eatdrinkbelocal.

And tune in to Virgin 95.3 on Saturday, February 5th for my Valentine’s Day chocolate chat with host Simone Grewal.

Until round two…

Ciao for now!

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