What Might Be the Best Coffee System on The Market is Made in Vancouver

Are you the kind of person who owns every type of coffee machine on the market? It might be time to make room for the Espro Press on your kitchen counter. This Vancouver-made coffee system is making waves among caffeine addicts.

Espro press is a stainless steel coffee pot acts like a thermous, so your first cup is as hot as your last. It’s like a French Press, but the filter holes are 12 times finer so no grit is left at the bottom of your coffee cup. And your brew doesn’t get stronger as it sits there.

Espro founders Bruce Constantine and Chris McLean are passionate about java. When they went into business, their goal was to create a system that yielded the perfect cup of coffee. Not only does coffee from an Espro taste good though, the design itself is beautiful…so beautiful that it’s used in some of the world’s top restaurants, like Geranium in Denmark and Hawksworth and Boulevard, right here in Vancouver.

This story was written for The Peak Radio

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