Where to Eat in Montreal

You’ve arrived in Montreal for a long-weekend of food exploration. Little yellow stars blanket your Google Map so heavily, you can barely see street names. You’re overwhelmed by restaurant, cafe and bar recommendations from friends and blogs, all of whom passionately advise you get to these spots!! They all sound amazing and you wish you had more time, but you don’t.

With so many options and so little time, you’ve got to narrow it down. Below is a super-edited list of only those spots that kill it in the department of food, design, ambiance and balance (as in plant vs. meat options). In some cases, however, a restaurant’s food or design may be so special that they alone are reason to get there.

As for the spots I liked, but don’t feel you desperately need to go out of your way for? –> Dieu du Ciel (for a beer), Santa Barbara (for brunch),

Best Coffee in Montreal


252 Rachel E. | 514-903-4384 $$ | Coffee House

@cafereplika | Visit website

Independent Turkish-owned cafe brewing 49th Parallel and traditional unfiltered coffees. Enjoy the smell of fresh baking as you enter -- everything here (cookies, muffins, pastries) is made in house. A slew of bagel sandwiches (try the beet hummus with avocado) are also on the menu. With plenty of varied seating, Replika is an ideal work spot and just off the main drag of Boulevard St. Laurent. A bonus: barista-blend coconut and almond milks are used behind the counter.

Best Bars in Montreal

Big in Japan

4175 St-Laurent Blvd | 438-380-5658 $$$ | Japanese Whiskey Bar

Best Brunch in Montreal

Hof Kelsten

4524 St Laurent Blvd | 514-649-7991 $$ | Bakery Cafe

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1310 Maisonneuve E | 514-439-9969 $$$ | French Brunch

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Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Montreal

Crudessence (St-Viateur)

66 St-Viateur Ouest | 514-295-0113 $$ | Raw Vegan

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Aux Vivres

4631 Boul St-Laurent | 514-842-3479 $ | Vegan Comfort Food

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Best Bakeries in Montreal

Hof Kelsten

4524 St Laurent Blvd | 514-649-7991 $$ | Bakery Cafe

@hofkelsten | Visit website