Best places to eat and drink in Gastown

With so many stylish restaurants and cafes lining Gastown’s cobblestone streets, it can be impossible to decide where to eat. Here’s a discerning, unbiased list of the very best spots to dine and sip in Vancouver’s oldest, most charming neighbourhood.

Nelson the Seagull Gastown

Best Cafés (Coffee) in Gastown, Crosstown & Chinatown

Secret Location Interior

Best Brunch in Gastown, Crosstown & Railtown

Nelson the Seagull Gastown

Best Lunch Spots in Gastown and Railtown

Labattoir Dining Room

Best Restaurants (Casual) in Gastown and Railtown

Chambar New

Most Romantic Restaurants in Gastown and Crosstown

Best Patios in Gastown and Chinatown