Island Dining: Where to Find A Healthy Breakfast in Victoria

Let’s say you’re heading to Victoria for a day and you get to dine at just one restaurant. I was in this situation recently and, thanks to a killer recommendation, wound up at a little joint so wonderful I must tell you about it.

Nourish Cafe is located within the Horticulture Center of the Pacific (closer to Saanich).Their expansive backyard patio looks out onto the colourful garden, adding a tranquil vibe in the way plants can.

The menu is small and health focused, but they do serve bacon. We tried their cashew hollandaise benny with organic free range eggs and the vegan Caesar “Sort Of” Salad. Both were garnished beautifully with delicate nasturtiums and herbs from the garden.

Another highlight was a cold drink made of coconut milk and molasses. Sounds strange but it was ridiculously good. Putting it over the edge was a shot of espresso. I’ve since tried this at home and it works like a charm — but I’d recommend serving it as dessert instead of a drink.

This story was written for The Peak Radio


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