Where to Find Seriously Cheesy, Non-Dairy “Nut Cheese” In Vancouver

“I can’t believe it’s not cheese” said anyone who’s tried Graze Vegetarian’s cultured nut cheese by self-proclaimed fermenting geek Chef Karen McAthy, whose product could be a saving grace for cheese lovers with dairy sensitivities.

How does she do it? Ancient cultures used in traditional cheese making are introduced to ground nuts, seeds and other natural ingredients, and amazingly, they age just like their dairy counterparts.

The nut cheese-making process is costly and time consuming though so you won’t find many on the market, but the good news is soon you’ll be able to find Graze’s goods at the Vancouver’s Farmers Market.

If you’d like to try Graze’s nut cheese today, head to their Cedar Cottage restaurant (3980 Fraser St) for a cheese platter…and while there, try their smoky eggplant perigees. #TODIEFOR

This story was written for The Peak Radio

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