Where to Find The New “To Die For” Banana Bread

The “new” banana bread (aka the version without animal products) has been in the works for a while now. I’ll share the whole story soon, but for now, here’s where you can find our new offering which looks and tastes identical to the original! The only difference is we’ve swapped in psyllium husk and agar agar for the eggs. That’s it.

Here’s a list of cafes that stock the new banana bread…

  1. Agro
  2. Be Fresh (Bayswater)
  3. Be Fresh (Cypress)
  4. Buddha-full (1st Ave)
  5. Buddha-full (Northwoods Village)
  6. Caffe Garibaldi (Squamish)
  7. Capilano Suspension Bridge (The cafe)
  8. Dalina
  9. The Delly at UBC
  10. Half Fool
  11. Harvest
  12. The Juicery Co. (4th Ave)
  13. The Juicery Co. (Edgemont)
  14. The Juicery Co. (Lonsdale)
  15. The Juicery Co. (Main St)
  16. Milano (8th Ave)
  17. Milano (Denman)
  18. Milano (Gastown)
  19. Moja (North Van)
  20. Moja (Commercial Dr)
  21. Nordstrom eBar
  22. Olive + Ruby
  23. Pane from Heaven
  24. Papparoti (Robson St)
  25. Papparoti (Keefer St)
  26. Papparoti (Coquitilam)
  27. TurF
  28. Turks

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