Winner Winner and Ken Tsui Present: Seafood is for Lovers

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, Winner Winner and Ken Tsui are teaming up to celebrate this day of romantic splendour with “Seafood is for Lovers”, an intimate dinner of seven courses from the sea.

In the spirit of Valentines Day, “Seafood is for Lovers” is a menu of classics intended to be shared with a date. It’s during the wintry months when the bounty of the oceans are at their tastiest and we find warmth cuddling side-by-side with a partner. Winner Winner and Ken Tsui are transforming one of Vancouver’s most celebrated daytime coffee shops, Revolver’s Archive, into an underground pop-up dining experience where lovebirds can cozy up to a beautiful Valentine’s Day dinner that celebrates the supremely tasty treasures from the sea.

Winner Winner is a collective consisting of three seasoned restaurant industry professionals; Chen-Wei Lee, Stanley Yung and Alain Chow. They made their debut together this past summer at the Vancouver Chinatown Night Market, dishing out an unforgettably, fine-tuned Singaporean chicken rice. Ken Tsui has developed as pop-up producer in Vancouver’s fabled underground culinary circuit. His innovative interpretations of traditional cuisine, drawn from sources so fresh they were harvested that morning, are served in settings of casual warmth and playfulness.

This up-and-coming culinary force will pair your love for each other with their love of the Pacific. From uni toast, prawn tiradito, scallop paired with foie gras, seafood dashi, charred halibut and lobster thermidor each course celebrates the bounty of British Columbia’s coastal waters. There’s no coincidence that what’s on offer at dinner are aphrodisiacs.

Intimate and relaxed, Seafood is for Lovers is a romantic, one-of-a-kind dining experience in the heart of Gastown.


Seafood is for Lovers
February 14th, 8pm
Archive (325 Cambie St. in Gastown)
$125 plus service charge per guest
Tickets at 

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