Yaletown’s Best Burger Contest

Photo courtesy of Charles Zuckermann

The competitive juices were flowing, as were the delicious, fatty drippings from each burger entered in the first annual ‘Yaletown’s Best Burger Contest’, one of the prime events of the friendly Vancouver neighborhood’s Canada Day Street Party.

Five well-known foodies – Richard Wolak, Cassandra Anderton, Raul Pacheco-Vega, John Chow, and myself – were the privileged judges who sampled, rated, and salivated over the burgers from seven participating Yaletown restaurants.

Check out the lineup:

1. BBQues at 1043 Mainland Street

TDF (To Die For) Factor: Extremely light, crispy bun

Other notes: Classic burger

2. Hub Restaurant & Lounge at 1165 Mainland Street

TDF Factor: Crispy blackening of the patty’s exterior

Other notes: Unidentifiable delicious secret sauce

3. Section 3 at 1039 Mainland Street

TDF Factor: Extra cheese & bacon

Other notes: Lathered with a ‘Triple-O-like sauce’

4. Hamilton Street Grill at 1009 Hamilton Street

TDF Factor: A mixture of white stilton & butter inside patty then topped with white cheddar

Other notes: Double-patty action – marinated portobello mushroom & rosemary-infused beef

5. Society at 1257 Hamilton Street

TDF Factor: Secret spice in patty – what was it!?  …my fav meat of the bunch.

Other notes: Sauteed onions & fried egg

6. Earls at 1095 Mainland Street

TDF Factor: Sweet & spicy bbq sauce

Other notes: Earls ventured out on a limb and created seven unique sandwiches, one for each judge.  Mine was extremely original and simple with coleslaw and their signature bbq sauce.

Here is another from Earls: a high-quality version of McDonald’s McGriddle.  LOVED IT!

TDF Factor: Maple syrup-coated waffle, fried egg, & beef patty

7. Glowbal at 1079 Mainland Street

TD4 Factor: A wealth of grainy mustard/mayo

Other notes: Red chile flakes in patty added a slight kick

Although the race was tight, Hamilton Street Grill won gold with their rosemary-infused, butter & white Stilton burger, which I’d choose over a steak next time I dine at Chef Neil Wyles celebrated Yaletown restaurant.

Event organizer Ian Reid, Hamilton Street Grill's triumphant chef James Thomson, & Glowbal's Kyle Johnstone

Other notes: I would not only die for HSG’s winning burger, I would crack a rib for one.

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Ciao for now.

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