A “To Die For” Interview with Vancouver Eco-Fashion Designer Nicole Bridger

We sat down with leading Canadian eco-fashion designer Nicole Bridger to quiz her about our favourite subject: food! Read on for her answers to these 10 need-to-know questions.

Brunch haunt we’re most likely to find you at on the weekend?

I love Aphrodite’s on West 4th. My go-to is the frittata special, but sometimes I like to go for tea and a slice of their famous pie for a rainy day pick-me-up. I love them because they use natural, local ingredients and all the dishes have a home-cooked kind of feel. It feels like a home away from home.

Favourite spot for cocktails?

The Diamond in Gastown is number one. For a boozy cocktail, I like their Old Fashioned. Also, L’Abattoir always has an interesting drink list and that cute little bar. I love to tell their bartender what I’m in the mood for and let them work their magic. They always whip up something special.

Where do you satisfy your caffeine addiction on a regular basis?

I don’t really do caffeine…I’m a tea drinker at heart, so I like Teaja in Yaletown. It’s all organic and they have cold brew teas you can order, as well as loose leaf teas you can buy. I also love the chai tea from East is East. It’s a truly amazing chai.

Where do you stock up on produce / groceries?

I will hit up Kin’s Farm Market for produce, and Whole Foods or Choices because it’s easy. But if I can make the time, I will happily go to a farmer’s market. And I like to stop by those little fruit and veggie corner stores that are in every neighbourhood when I can.

Your favourite restaurant for a special occasion?

I like Farmer’s Apprentice. They are doing lovely things over there, with really interesting flavours. It’s not too fussy, always local, always fresh and has a special feel. I think that’s my favourite spot right now.

Best Vancouver patio in your opinion?

I think Chambar’s patio is going to become my favourite patio this summer. I love their food and their cocktails. They have a great vibe at that restaurant. And the upstairs patio at Darby’s on 4th is awesome. It’s quiet and totally hidden, and it has a great view. They have amazing burgers made from local grass-fed beef, so I’ll go there for a burger and beer on the patio.

Favourite hidden gem?

Zest Sushi on West 16th has phenomenal sushi. I like when things are fresh and innovative, and they do everything exceptionally well there. I love to order anything from the seasonal menu…you really can’t go wrong!

Preferred source for pastries?

I would say Beaucoup. I have a weakness for croissants, especially chocolate croissants. And if I could add a second spot, I would have to say Beta 5 for their incredible cream puffs.

Go-to food truck?

One that I visit a lot is the Juice Truck for their juices and salads. They also have sushi and soups that I really like. I had their chili the other day, and I think it was hands down the best chili I’ve ever had!

Best sandwich in town?

I’m not really a sandwich person, but I absolutely LOVE the avocado on toast from Nelson the Seagull.


Pictured is Nicole’s “to die for face” – that expression we all make at the taste of over-the-top, amazingly delicious food.

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