Best + Easiest Vegan Chili

If you’re looking for that “perfect chili recipe”, this might be it. In my books, it checks all the boxes. No weird ingredients, just everything you want in a chili. It’s also ridiculously easy and quick to make, meaning it’s one of those dinners I could easily enjoy on a weekly basis. For this reason, I’ve added it to my collection of “favourite recipes of all time”.

Vegan Chili

Thanks to Hot For Food for the recipe! Here’s how I altered things:

  1. Added extra oil (olive oil)
  2. Skipped the lentils
  3. Skipped the cinnamon
  4. For the 4c. crushed tomatoes, I used 2c. crushed, 2 c. whole tomatoes (in the can) chopped up (for some tomato chunks)
  5. Doubled the recipe (you need leftovers!)
  6. Tripled the salt and pepper
  7. Added 1/4 red wine vinegar (maybe more)
  8. Added a whole package of frozen beefless ground round by Gardein
  9. For the garnish I added some Tofutti sour cream and Daiya cheddar cheese

See the original recipe here


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