Black Bean Brownie Ice Cream

brownie ice cream

Ice cream. It’s all about the chunks! Sometimes I’ll choose a particular flavour just for its chunks. And then when I dive in I’ll eat around the ice cream to get to said glorious chunks.

Since I’m so crazy about chunky, textured ice cream (and it’s pretty rare to find a store-bought kind with this many chunks) I figured why not make some at home and go all out.

I recently made this Black Bean Brownie Ice Cream using my friend Tori’s veganized ‘best black bean brownies’ recipe and a pint of dairy-free ice cream (I like Umaluma, Say Hello Sweets and Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss Ice Cream, which is available at just about every grocery store these days). The combo was perfect!!! If you don’t feel like grocery shopping, you could also make your own 5-ingredient vanilla ice cream. If brownies aren’t your thing, try freezing a small loaf of banana bread to chop up and make some super chunky ice cream. Hope you love as much as I do!

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