Blueberry Couscous Bowl with Vegan Ricotta

Blueberries are nicknamed so appropriately: Nature’s Candy. They’re like little blue bursts of delicious, subtle sweetness. And it’s amazing that, nutritionally, they pack such a punch!! Of all the ‘super fruits’ out there, they boast one of the highest levels of … Continued

Mint Basil Guacamole

Is guacamole the most popular / easy-to-make appetizer ever? I think so! It’s hard to mess up because avocado is so gosh darn delicious on its own. On Super Bowl Sunday, why don’t you mix it up with some new flavours? This twist … Continued

Avocado Flatbread Appetizer

The avocado is one of those crowd-pleasing ingredients. Who doesn’t love avocado? Answer: no one I am aware of! When choosing an appetizer to make this holiday season, consider this avocado flatbread. It’s the perfect party dish for several reasons. First, it’s … Continued

Nut Cheese Platter

A night of good television (debate!!!) requires equally good viewing snacks. Here are the details of tonight’s 100% plant-based cheese platter, built with Blue Heron Creamery nut cheese. Clock-wise from top left: BC hazelnuts Gone Crackers (Olive Oil & Cracked Pepper) Young … Continued

Heirloom Tomato Pizza (Vegan)

Heirloom tomatoes. They are so pricey, but so worth it, right? My favourite place to buy them is Klippers Organic’s stall at the Vancouver Farmers Markets. I could stand at there forever, oogling the rainbow of colours and taking my sweet time … Continued

Vegan Cheese Fries

When I try to imagine the most sinful and delicious dish in the world, cheese fries is one of the creations that comes to mind. Greasy potatoes loaded with cheese, mayo and other indulgent toppings…it rarely gets crazier than this. But, if you’re like … Continued

The Easiest Seven-Layer Dip (Dairy-Free)

Even though this classic dip includes a couple of super-rich layers, I always feel like it’s on the light side because, with chip in hand, I aim for the salsa and bean layers. Totally guilt-free. Then, towards the end of my … Continued

How To Make Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

Let’s talk chicken wings. Why are they so popular? Do diners love them for the chicken, or is it the sauce? I’m a wholehearted believer that it the sauce that renders them so addictive. Along with the creamy dipping sauce, of … Continued

Recipe: Baked Bloomin’ Onion with Hoisin Mayo

I’m not proud to say that this recipe was inspired by my good old South Carolina days, when my friends and I would, on occasion, visit Outback Steakhouse (*cringe*) for their ridiculously oversized, ultra-rich, heart-attack-on-a-plate, The Bloomin’ Onion. Big of … Continued