“Fluffy Kittens” Brings BC’s Best Frozen Treats to Chinatown

It’s September and school has begun…but this does not mean summer is over! The first day of Autumn is September 22nd. Let’s milk the season, shall we?

One way to keep the summer fun alive is by visiting Chinatown’s new ice cream and frozen dessert shop, Fluffy Kittens, where you’ll find a well-curated selection of cold treats, featuring several of BC’s sweetest, quality-focused ice cream artisans.

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Fluffy Kittens owners, husband & wife team Claudine Michaud and Kieren Beattie, outsource all of the locally-made frozen treats offered in house, including cashew and coconut-based ice cream from Say Hello Sweets, creative popsicles from Johnny’s Pops, organic craft freezies from Tubify and gelato from popular Okanagan-based Artisto.

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