Food Trends of 2015: Part Two

With so many noteworthy food trends hitting the culinary scene this year, I couldn’t stop at just five (read part one in my series). Here are several more culinary trends you can expect to see gracing your dinner plate, as well as where to find them in Vancouver.

Food Trend #1: Bone Broth

Where To Try It
Home on the Range Farms is Vancouver’s first and only full-fledged bone broth bar, with flavours changing weekly. Regular varieties include beef, lamb and veal (all of which have been grass fed), as well as pastured chicken and duck. Grab a cup of broth to go and make sure you add a garnish: their herbed butter, fermented egg yolk and North African ras el hanout spice blend are all good options.

Food Trend #2: DIY Charcuterie

Where To Try It
Eat Wild and Harkness & Co. Butchers have partnered to offer a host of different classes exploring the various elements of charcuterie making. Upcoming sessions cover everything from how to butcher a whole animal to making the perfect sausage. Here’s a list of their upcoming workshops.

Food Trend #3
: Heirloom Grains

Where To Try It
Chef Joachim Hayward at Campagnolo Roma has just introduced a new bison short rib dish featuring the heirloom grain farro verde. Originally from Egypt, farro verde is a wheat that is harvested early in the season while still green, and then roasted for extra flavour. Over at Campagnolo, Robert Belcham and chef Nathan Lowey are experimenting with red fife, a Canadian heritage grain that originated in Ontario. Watch for it to make an appearance on the menu soon.

Food Trend #4: Charcoal

Where To Try It
Raw activated charcoal is a huge trend invading juice bars across North America. Consider it an alternative to the standard detox cleanse. Nama Juice Bar is currently the only place in Vancouver to offer it, but it won’t be long before more juice bars start adding charcoal to their menus.

Food Trend #5: Smoked Foods

Where To Try It
More often than ever, chefs are applying smoking techniques to foods that you wouldn’t expect, from yogurt to cocktails. YEW Restaurant + Bar is all over this trend, currently offering three dishes with unusual smoked foods: a root vegetable mix with smoked ricotta, artichokes with smoked olives, and scallops with smoked maple vinaigrette. Find these dishes on Yew’s menu until the end of February.


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