Healthy Root Beer Floats

Do root beer floats remind anyone else of their Granny? Mine used to make them on repeat in the summertime. One spoonful of that creamy root beer and I’m taken back to her place…

This new spin on Root Beer Floats doesn’t look like the classic version she used to make…because it isn’t. It’s dairy-free and naturally sweetened but just as delicious!! Maybe not quite as nostalgic? There’s really nothing to lose by making this healthier version for your kids or guests — they will be equally satisfied.

Let’s get into the mood for floats with the help of this video…

FLOATZ 😍😍😍 made with @lunaandlarrys vanilla nice cream and stevia-sweetened @zevia ginger root beer. Chugged it.

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root beer float


Dairy-free vanilla ice cream (I used Luna & Larry’s, but also love Vancouver-based Nice Vice)
Zevia Ginger Root Beer


Just add ice cream scoops to a glass and top with root beer! Serve with a spoon and a straw.

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