Heartbeets Run Club

Get it? Heartbeets? We’re the Vancouver run club powered by plants!

We love running on the seawall and in the forest, four-legged friends are always welcome and we loooove sipping on green smoothies and chatting about everything plant-based as a group post-run. All are welcome!


Next run: Friday, December 15th at 6:30am – meet at Jericho Parking Lot East for an 8KM beach / trail run

Meet at Jericho Parking Lot East at 6:20am – we’ll depart at 6:30am! Our route is half beach, half trail. It can be tough to see the entrance to the trail so if your pace differs much from 5:30min/km please be prepared to run solo (a run up and down the beach would be nice!). Expect To Die For vegan treats in the parking lot post-run, as well as vegan trivia and optional lattes at @turfliving to follow ☕️


When: Friday, December 15th at 6:30am
Starting point: Jericho Parking Lot East (type that into your maps and it’ll pop up!)
Distance: ~8KM
Average pace: ~5:30/KM
Friday, December 15th – 6:30am at Jericho Beach Parking Lot East (~8-9km)
Contact Erin at erin@itstodiefor.ca with any questions
ABOUT HEARTBEETS RUN CLUB: This group was born out of a passion to connect with community and spread the good word about the magic of a plant-based diet. During my athletic career playing NCAA Div. 1 volleyball in South Carolina, I was a ‘proud carnivore’ and focused on eating as much animal protein as possible. Ironically, I remember never feeling full. I was a bottomless pit and figured all this meant was that I should eat more meat. I didn’t realize that what I was eating was the problem. Years later, after watching documentaries like Forks Over Knives, I transitioned to a plant-based diet and, for the first time, felt fully satiated. All along, I’d been lacking nutrients and proper fuel. Plants are what my body was hungry for! I also noticed a change in my energy. I went from dreading my runs and dragging my feet, to literally hopping out of bed and running further and faster than I ever had before. Feel free to join for a run to chat more about plant-based diets / running / energy levels!
Email erin if you have any questions (erin at itstodiefor dot ca) about the run.

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