How To Make Challah In A Bag

The other night will browsing Facebook, this video stopped my scrolling finger in its tracks. Due to its mesmerizing nature, I couldn’t help but watch it several times. I wasn’t planning on making bread that night, but it looked too easy. And beautiful! I had to try it.


The verdict? It came out of the oven steaming, moist and fragrant…it was a winner! And it truly is as easy to make as it looks, as long as you know how to braid. If you have troubles, just watch the video closely and go step by step.

At first, I wasn’t sure which type of yeast to use (quick or traditional?), but I went with the latter and it worked perfectly. I also brushed the dough with olive oil instead of egg yolks and this also turned out very well. Anita’s Organic White was my flour of choice — next time I make this (which will be soon) I’m going to try their whole wheat version.

Get the recipe for Challah In A Bag here

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