Nourish Vancouver Finds a Home Within Chopra Yoga

Nourish Vancouver, a food services company preparing locally sourced and 100% organic meals, has opened a retail location at 451 Granville St. inside the Chopra Yoga Center. The company will continue their online ordering and lunchtime delivery service but will be expanding their menu to offer grab and go meals, snacks, and cold-pressed juices. Finally, it will be easy to access food in the downtown core that fits a healthy and ethical lifestyle.

On opening the new space, Nourish Vancouver’s founder said, “We are beyond excited to offer a storefront where our customers can purchase the locally sourced, organic food they want for breakfast, lunch, or dinner when they don’t have time to make it themselves.”

Jennifer Battersby, SVP Global Sourcing, Quality and commercialization at lululemon and one of the company’s most loyal customers said, “Not only is Nourish Vancouver’s food healthy and incredibly delicious, but the convenience…means that I never have to worry that being busy will mean sacrificing eating healthy.”

  • In just two months Nourish Vancouver has transformed from a delivery meal service to a full retailer serving their signature salads, seasonal soups, breakfasts and healthy snacks.
  • The new location inside Chopra Yoga Center aligns with their commitment to offer food that not only tastes amazing but will keep you energized throughout your day.
  • Their commitment to 100% organic and supporting B.C. farmers is the backbone of their food. Check out their website,, loaded with information about the company’s history and the local producers they support!
  • follow them on instagram and twitter @nourishvan

Nourish Vancouver is a food services company that prepares delicious, healthy meals made from produce that is locally sourced and 100% organically grown. Our mission is to provide a convenient choice for busy environmental Vancouverites who want to eat healthy and support the local food movement.

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