Nut Cheese Platter

A night of good television (debate!!!) requires equally good viewing snacks. Here are the details of tonight’s 100% plant-based cheese platter, built with Blue Heron Creamery nut cheese.

Nut cheese platter

Clock-wise from top left:

  1. BC hazelnuts
  2. Gone Crackers (Olive Oil & Cracked Pepper)
  3. Young Caraway Gouda with pink peppercorns
  4. Charcoal Apricot Kimchi Hot Sauce
  5. Fig Smoked Almond Ricotta (in pot)
  6. Castelvetrano olives (from Whole Foods olive bar)
  7. Almond Beachwood (brownish cheese, closer to middle)
  8. Beer cheddar (skinny slice)
  9. Mozza
  10. Figs from
  11. Swiss Mozza (with knife)
  12. Apricot Wensleydale (with yellow rind)
  13. Kalamata olives
  14. Coronation grapes from the Okanagan
  15. Vegan garlic scape butter
  16. Mary’s Gone Crackers
  17. Ashed Camembert
  18. Vegan butter

*Serving platter is by the *awesome* people at Pacific Design Lab

For the past year or so, Blue Heron Nut Cheese (by Chef Karen McAthy) has only been available via subscription…but good news! In a week or two, The Juice Truck (28 W 5th Ave) will begin carrying it.

Hope you’re all enjoying the debate as much as I am. GO HILLARY!!!

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