Virtuous Pie Introduces Small Plates

Fan favourites become staples on the plant-based menu Plant-based restaurant Virtuous Pie, best known for its pizzas and ice cream, is expanding its menu to include a dozen small plates. The new additions feature many of the ingredients customers have … Continued

Healthier Version of The Korean Vegan Beef Dish

Besides my homemade almond milk recipe, I’ve never shared a dish on Instagram that was so widely embraced as this Korean Vegan Beef from It’s gone pretty viral. Daily, you’ve tagged me in your creations and I’ve screenshotted every single … Continued

Veggie-Filled Back-To-School Dinner Ideas

You may know how obsessed I am with the delicious flavours of fresh vegetables, but when I learned how powerful their nutrients are, my focus on incorporating them into my family’s meals hit new levels. It’s actually become a bit … Continued

Peach Crumble Breakfast Parfaits

Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited about this one. I’m actually kicking myself for not making something similar sooner…it’s definitely going to become a part of my regular routine (I’ve since tried this with strawberries, too — delish!). I … Continued

Peanut Butter Mousse (Sugar and Dairy-free)

**Thank you so much SugarTwin for sponsoring this post!! All opinions are my own.** Put the word mousse next to just about any food and instantly boost its appeal, non?! Strawberry mousse, chocolate mousse, coconut mousse…I salivate over the thought … Continued

Tips on Rescuing Indian and Mexican Street Dogs

Six weeks ago, I returned home from India with two more pieces of precious cargo than I’d departed with: Hari and Melvin, Indian street dogs who were ready to find new homes in Canada. 48-hours before my flight home to Vancouver, I received a message on … Continued