Bounty Bar-inspired Milkshake

Bounty Bar-inspired milkshake. Need I say more? As a kid, Bounty Bars were one of my favourite chocolate bars. I found their tropical decadence irresistible. I remember begging my mom to buy them for me as we stood in the grocery store … Continued

India Vegan Food Adventure

Since reading Shantaram, a 1000-page book set in India, I’ve felt desperate to visit India. The charming, quirky personalities, the vast uniqueness of the culture and the beauty of the land itself described in the novel left me daydreaming about what … Continued

Strawberry Spinach Salad with Tofu Feta

It’s sure feeling like Spring here in Vancouver!!! The warm weather inspired this beauty of a salad that I made for a plant-based potluck last night. It was a serious winner. In the past, I might have considered this salad ‘basic’, but … Continued

To Die For Stockists

Here’s where to find our baking in and around Vancouver. Downtown 49th Parallel | 689 Thurlow St | @49th Be Fresh Cafe Bentall | 411 – 1055 Dunsmuir St | @befreshlocal Be Fresh Cafe YMCA | 955 Burrard St | @befreshlocal BLENZ Bar (in Bentall 5) | 108 … Continued

Pesto Spaghetti (Plant-based)

Serious question: is there anything that pesto is not good on? Pesto has got to be one of the top three flavours of all-time. And great news for plant-based eaters, it’s one of those sauces that is super easy to veganize … Continued