Roasted Golden Beet Sandwich with Avocado and Grilled Onions

This is another “kitchen sink” type creation. Huge satisfaction can come from using up every little thing in your fridge, and that’s what I’m doing these days. Also, I’m going to come clean and confess to my obsession with Spread’em Kitchen spreads. Today, I’m using Mellisa’s Carrot Chili Cashew spread. I’m also loving the beautiful whole wheat rye bread from Birds & The Best in Gastown. Hope you enjoy the sammy…


2 slices bread
A big slathering of Spread’em Kitchen carrot chili spread
A slather of Vegenaise
½ avocado (sliced)
1 big yellow beet
1 small red beet
1 small red onion
Handful of sprouts
Pickled radishes (sub in pickled anything)
1 tbsp Dukkah (Cheeky Hyenah from SPUD)

*FYI Most of my groceries come from SPUD via home delivery


1. Heat oven to 400F and roast thickly sliced, oiled up beets and onions.

2. Lather your spreads (carrot chili and vegenaise on each piece of sandwich breadd.

3. Add avocado slices, roasted beets, roasted onions, pickled radish and sprouts.

4. Top with dukkah and s&p.

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