Romantic Christmas Date Idea: The Teahouse in Stanley Park

Nestled in Stanley Park lies a warm, cozy date spot that is so perfect for romance, you could afford to substitute your annual fireside viewing of Love Actually for the experience.

The Teahouse in Stanley Park is not only an ideal backdrop for a Christmas date, their menu is filled with to die for fare, like this plump, juicy scallop draped in mushroom demi-glace — the first course of five — à la executive chef Jennifer Dodd.

Next came a quintessential salad, in which the protein trumped the leaves. Hallelujah. The Teahouse’s BC Albacore Tuna Salad consisted of at least 10oz of succulent, seared tuna (pictured below is a half order) on a bed of buttery kale strewn with tender fingerling and sweet potatoes.

Of all the food categories, soup is an item I’m seldom excited for. This Cauliflower Soup, however (composed mostly of the white veggie and a touch of cream) was bowl-licking good. Sprinkled with bright green chive oil and grilled sopprasetta (hiding under the paremsan crostini), the soup went down as well as the Buttery Chardonnay it was paired with.

And the grand finale: Roasted (to perfection) Sablefish with soubise (a puréed, charred onion béchamel-based sauce) and shaved brussels sprouts. Do I need to describe this translucent fish or can you tell by the picture how intensely buttery and delicious it was? With sips of Punto Final Malbec, it was almost as good as chocolate.

Served alongside the sablefish was a generous portion of sweet and saucy Confit Duck Leg with red cabbage and mushrooms atop fluffy squash puree. It was one of those dishes you wish you had the will power to stop nibbling on when you’re already way past the point of full…

Pastry chef Grace’s exquisite creations were last: Lemon Meringue with zest on almond sponge cake, house made Chocolate Ganache Smore with bruleed to order marshmallow, and house made Pistachio Macaron.

Cap off the night of beautiful food, friendly and attentive service, and warm ambiance with this view of the North Shore mountains. Could things get more romantic? If you have any ideas, please share them by commenting on this post.

And FYI – The Teahouse is open on Christmas Eve! View their menu here.

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Ciao for now!

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