The Best Vegan Mac & Cheese

If you, too, have been hunting for the best vegan mac and cheese around, I’m thinking you might agree that this is it!! Never have I fully adored a mac and cheese the way I do this one. It’s creamy, cheesy, completely savoury (eg. zero sweetness) and extra garlicky.

Please do not discredit this recommendation because of my horrible picture, in which the vast majority of the sauce has sadly dripped to the bottom of the pot. Can I blame the number of times I had to run back and forth between camera and pasta to take this timer pic?

KitchenAid Copper Pot Alfredo

Copper pot is by KitchenAid – read my blog post about it (and the full set) here 

The Best Mac & Cheese Recipe

I’ve tried several other mac and cheese recipes — many of them included cauliflower, yam or some other vegetable. I liked them, but they weren’t exactly reminiscent of ‘the real thing’ (eg. that junky-yet-somehow-delicious stuff we grew up with).

This recipe, however, is straight up ‘cream’, ‘cheese’ and garlic. I’d actually run out of nutritional yeast when I made it, and I still loved it. 

Here’s the recipe — enjoy! And let me know if you agree on Twitter or Instagram!

The Best Mac & Cheese From A Restaurant

While weekending in Seattle, I received several messages recommending Plum Bistro’s vegan Mac and Yease (get it…yeast?). Apparently, I had to try it. And obviously I couldn’t ignore this many recos. So, I went.
Plum Bistro Mac and Yease

One bite in, and I saw what everyone was talking about. Hot damn that was good Mac and Yease!!! It, too, is 100% savoury. And so indulgent. The pasta contains smoked tofu and onions, while the sauce is simple and creamy with vegan butter, cream and oil. Topped with panko breading (adding an irresistible crunch), this truly was the best vegan mac and cheese I’ve enjoyed at a restaurant. Get to Seattle to try it! If that isn’t possible, look what I found online…the recipe, graciously shared by Plum Chef herself, Makini Howell. 

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