To Die For Face: Jillian Harris

Host of HGTV’s Handyman Challenge Jillian Harris reveals her favorite Vancouver restaurants and the best local hangout for boy-hunting.

The food you would most often describe as, ‘to die for’?

JH – Sourdough buttered toast with Marmite. Tomatoes and Gruyère cheese melted in a broiler. Well-made French onion soup with sherry. 70% dark chocolate with an Earl Grey tea misto. And the crème de la crème? My grandma’s beet rolls. They would be my ‘last meal’, with tons of cream, butter & salt.

Your favorite Vancouver restaurant?

JH – Local, mostly because of the view & cute boys. If I am focused on food, I would have to say Rodney’s Oyster Bar. I would do anything for that overfilled cup of Pinot Grigio & the potato crusted halibut.

Your trashy indulgence? (eg. that late night 7/11 or drive-thru treat)

JH – An A&W Teen Burger with extra seasoning, extra lettuce and a side of onion rings that I put in the burger. 

The food you refuse to eat?

JH – Nope. Unless Apple Sour Puss counts.

The sexiest food?

JH – Steak.

Your favorite dessert?

JH – I don’t really like desserts, but could never pass up a crème brûlée or custard.

Your favorite comfort food?

JH – Anything with tomatoes. I crave tomatoes sauce the moment I wake up. Oh…and bacon.

This interview was conducted for Vancouver View Magazine by contributing reporter Erin Ireland. Read the full article in the print edition.

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