To Die For Face: Norma Reid

Norma Reid, is ‘one of the lucky ones’ whose partner loves to cook. However, with her new gig — requiring an 8pm bedtime and 2am wake-up — the Saskatchewanite may stick to her ‘home away from home’ sushi spot a little more often.


Q: Will you show us your ‘to die for face’? (This is the expression occurring at the taste of ‘to die for food’ – you know the one!)

A: See above.

Q: Name the food you would most often describe as, ‘to die for’.

NR — Perogies. I’m from the prairies and we have these Fall Suppers. The number one thing there is always perogies. You can’t eat them without sour cream, real bacon bits and chives.


Q: Which is your favorite restaurant?

NR — Sushi Maro. When I first moved here, I didn’t know anybody, so hung out there three times a day. I never thought I’d become a miso soup connoisseur, but their’s is the best. I also always order Kappa Maki, which isn’t even sushi.


Q: What is your trashy indulgence? (i.e. that late night 7/11 or drive-thru treat)

NR — I love 7/11. It’s the idea that you can walk into the store and buy anything you want. My favorite treat is a cup of candy. I love those long, blue, super sour raspberry strips.


Q: Is there a food you refuse to eat because you were sick after eating it?

NR — Candy corn, and yet I still eat them whenever they’re out in a dish. Every time, I think my taste buds may have changed and I’ll like them.


Q: What is the sexiest food?

NR — Chocolate. Alcohol is great too. And there are oysters. I know that’s so typical, but there is something so sexy about eating them…the texture, the different kinds with the different sauces, like they have at Rodney’s.


Q: What is your favorite dessert in Vancouver?

NR — Society has an alcoholic milkshake — now, that is fun. It’s the concept that you’re drinking this grownup milkshake. We go to DQ sometimes for regular ice cream. Nothing beats a strawberry sundae.


Q: What is your favorite comfort food?

NR — Kraft Dinner. I eat it plain and I don’t like to venture too far from the blue box. Sometimes, my husband will offer to make steak for dinner, but all I want is KD.

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