Vancouver’s First Plant-based Pizzeria Opens in Chinatown

After several months of anticipation, Virtuous Pie, Vancouver’s first plant-based pizza and ice cream restaurant, is now open in Chinatown. Chef Jim Vesal, has been working on his outside-the-box menu since the fall of 2015 and says he wants to make it easier for people to make ‘the good choice’ (that is, to choose plant-based eats), “I want to show people that they don’t have to sacrifice anything.”

Virtuous Pie

Virtuous Pie

Featuring a super-creative menu that would satisfy even the most committed carnivore, this 21-seat joint currently offers three house-made dairy-free cheeses: cashew mozzarella, tofu feta and almond ricotta. All other pizza toppings, including falafel, gochujang-braised jackfruit and cauliflower buffalo wings are prepared on location, as well.

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