Vancouver’s New Smoothie Delivery Company Can Ease Your Morning Routine

In our day and age of convenience, most everything is available by delivery. Fortunately for smoothie lovers, a new local company — founded by two friends and former UBC basketball players — is on a mission to make good, healthy food easy for as many people as possible through their two-month-old business, The Good Stuff.

The Good Stuff

As university students, Michael Steele and Tonner Jackson noticed how difficult it was to get their daily intake of veggies. Smoothies were expensive and greens wilted quickly in the fridge. Their new passion project solves both of these problems. At $5-$6 per smoothie, The Good Stuff offers some of the least expensive smoothies in town. Customers are required to add the liquid component, but a bit of almond milk doesn’t add up to much — plus, water is an option.

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