Deep Dish Apple Crumble Pie With The Most Amazing Butter-Free Salted Caramel Sauce

Hot For Food Blog’s Salted Caramel Apple Crumble Tart is one of the most delicious desserts I’ve tried in a while. I first saw it on their Instagram and couldn’t resist giving it a try. And the vegan caramel sauce included in the recipe? Total gamechanger. Never have I tried a vegan caramel sauce thatcaramelly and close to conventional caramel — texture and flavour-wise. It’s a beautiful thing!!!

Lauren and John’s recipe calls for three apple, which results into a pretty thin tart. I had a bunch of apples in my produce drawer and figured why not go deep dish style. Here’s how to do it:

Tips on going DEEP DISH with Hot For Food Blog’s Salted Caramel Apple Crumble Tart Recipe

  1. Use either a super deep pie dish or an 8.5″ springform pan.
  2. Grease your pan really really well, and even place a parchment paper cut out on the base for easy removal (because the apples are so heavy I couldn’t transfer the tart to a cake stand and removing perfect individual slices was a bit tricky, too.)
  3. Double the number apples the recipe calls for (which is three). My apples were pretty small so I actually used seven. As you’re adding those apples to your pie crust, have no fear: you’ll probably feel like you’re adding too many, but keep going! The result will be beautiful. PS A mandolin really comes in handy for this step!
  4. Go heavy with your crust ingredients. Since you’ll need a bit of extra crust (to go up the sides of your deep pie dish / springform pan, go with heaping measurements of Hot For Food’s pie crust ingredients.
  5. I also increased the crumble topping recipe by 1.5 because I wanted to make sure I had LOTS. This step is optional.
  6. Bake your tart for an extra ten minutes — the extra apples need this time to cook and soften.
  7. Note on the caramel sauce: after you make it, it will not firm up / become unusable! I left mine out overnight and woke up to perfect, beautiful caramel sauce. Really blown away by this recipe! Way to go Lauren and John. You guys are amazing!!
  8. The dairy-free whipped topping I used (in the picture) is by So Delicious from

Get the recipe here

apple crumble pie hot for food blog 1

apple crumble pie hot for food blog

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