Virtuous Pie Launches “Plant Passports” for World Vegan Month

What: Plant-Based Passport to celebrate World Vegan Month
Who: Virtuous Pie, Kokomo, Juice Truck, TurF, Chickpea, Rolling Cashew, Buddhaful
When: Thursday, Nov. 1 – Friday, Nov. 30
Where: To take place throughout Vancouver at each restaurant listed above.
Why: To encourage plant-based eating during World Vegan Month

How it works

  • Each restaurant will be stocked with passports (see attached) to hand out to guests who are starting their passport.
  • Every time a guest purchases a dish at each restaurant, they will receive a stamp
  • When guests complete their passport, they will leave it at the final restaurant, to be collected at the end of the month
  • When the campaign is done, we will randomly select 5 winners! (likely not until December 3rd when we’ve collected all passports)


  • Virtuous Pie: 5 x t-shirt + $10 gift card
  • Juice Truck: 3 x cookbook, 2 x $25 gift card
  • Kokomo:  5 x $15 gift card
  • TurF: 5 x studio passes
  • Rolling Cashew: Full meal (combo, drink + pastry)
  • Chickpea: 5 X $15 gift card
  • Buddhaful: 5 free smoothies + 5 bags granola

Participating Restaurants Addresses:

  • Virtuous Pie: 583 Main Street + 3339 Shrum Lane
  • Juice Truck: 28 W 5th Ave, 1022 Mainland St, Truck: Cambie & W Cordova, Smoothie Cart: Robson & Burrard
  • Kokomo: 611 Gore Ave, 2028 Vine Street
  • TurF: 2041 W 4th Ave
  • Rolling Cashew: Check the Street Food App for current truck location!
  • Chickpea: Restaurant: 4298 Main St. Truck: 884 W Cordova St
  • Buddhaful: 106 W 1st St, 102-2120 Dollarton Hwy

 Lastly, to kick off the month, and to celebrate World Vegan Day on November 1st, Virtuous Pie is offering all day happy hour!

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