Where To Find Vegan Candy in Vancouver

If you’re off animal products, this means many of the candies you may be used to eating are now on your no-no list. Surprised? I was too! Conventional candies are made with gelatin, which comes from the skin, bones and connective tissues of animals. Here’s a video that shows exactly how this common dessert ingredient is made.

Here’s the good news: gelatin-free candies are extremely easy to find thanks to Dare Candy Co., who makes several different kinds of vegan candies and sells them just about everywhere

Dare Candy Vegan

Just look for the yellow and green ‘gelatin-free’ logo on the bag. See it here in the bottom right-hand corner?

dare candy vegan 34960_realjubes_red_385g_sa300 34980_realjubes_sour_385g_sa300

Unlike some vegan products on the market, you really can’t tell the difference between a vegan candy and a gelatin candy. Flavour and texture-wise, I consider them to be identical.

My favourite vegan candies from Dare are the sours: the REALJUBES Sour, the REALSOUR Strips and the REALSOUR Sticks. They’re especially enjoyable immediately after you’ve cracked open the bag. Just like the conventional candies, they’re soft, fresh and just the right amount of sour.

Dare candies are also gluten free, peanut free and made without artificial colours or flavours. Find them at most major retailers, like London Drugs, Save-on Foods and Canadian Superstores.

Thanks to Dare Candy Co. for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own. 

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